Relyon Superior Comfort Slim Latex Pillow


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Relyon Superior Comfort Slim Latex Pillow

100% pure latex pillow offering a natural healthy and unique material to sleep on with a host of benefits.

With 100% pure Relyon latex for instant pressure relief and a soft washable cotton cover for additional comfort, this pillow has been specially developed for front and back sleepers.

Features and Benefits:

  • Comfort.Through its elasticity the latex offer ‘progressive comfort’ meaning the pillow will cushion and adjust to your movements throughout the night yet its shape immediately recovers once pressure is removed.
  • Support. The latex pillows offer a responsive surface which mould instantly to your head and neck to provide optimal support. The Superior Comfort Deep Latex pillow is ideal for those who sleep on their side as this deep pillow provides instant pressure relief and ensures you enjoy the perfect sleeping posture. Alternatively, the Superior Comfort Slim Latex pillow is ideal for those who sleep on their back or front.
  • Allergen Free. With anti-allergenic, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties, the unique
    manufacturing process of latex ensures all the characteristics of natural latex are embodied within these latex pillows. This helps to provide a sleeping surface which is inherently dust-mite resistant; beneficial for allergy sufferers and for those who suffer from hay fever, asthma and respiratory problems.
  • Breathability. The unique open cell structure of the latex means it is naturally breathable and does not have the associated heat issues of many foams. The microscopic air bubbles promote constant air circulation and naturalmovement throughout the night helps to ventilate the pillow, keeping your head and neck at a comfortable temperature.
  • Durability. Although latex pillows can be expensive, its durable properties mean they are resilient and long lasting to provide an excellent long-term investment in your sleep. After all you do spend approximately one third of your life sleeping! Since latex is extremely dense it can hold its shape for many years without ever having to be ‘plumped’ offering you long lasting and easily maintainable comfort.
  • 5 Year Guarantee 

(Width x Length)

  • 42cm x 64cm

(All dimensions are approximate)



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