Harrison Onyx 7750 Ortho Pocket Sprung

Specifically designed for those who prefer an extra firm sleep surface. Often selected by those who like to stretch out and sleep on their back or for a front sleeper an extra firm mattress alleviates arching in the lower back.

A seasonal turn mattress that is extra firm, with the Warm Side of the mattress featuring a wool blend to keep you warm during the colder months. While the Cool Side of the mattress features a cotton blend close to the sleeping surface, keeping you fresh and dry during the warmer months.

At the mattresses core is 7750 innovative Cortec™ Quad 100% recyclable pocket springs, layered with HD 2500 Micro Springs and Posturfil pocket springs that adapt to your body’s contours to relieve pressure and provide greater comfort and lumbar support.
A blend of all natural sustainable fillings including British wool, Egyptian cotton,
home-grown firming needled hemp and sumptuous mohair provide a temperature regulating and an exceptional comfortable and supportive night’s sleep. Finished with
3 rows of side stitching and an in-house woven natural and ChemFRee mattress cover.

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