Harrison Spinks Beds

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Harrison Mattresses & Divan Bed Sets:

Super King For King Or King For Double


Harrison Mattress & Divan Bed Size Upgrade

Harrison Mattress & Divan Bed Size Upgrade

Harrison Beds don’t start out life in a factory, but on a 300-acre farm in North Yorkshire, where they rear their sheep for their wool and grow the fibres for our mattress fillings. Harrison make their own award-winning innovative springs and have brought weaving back to Yorkshire producing chemical free mattress fabric. Better ingredients make a better bed. With over 100 years of experience, Harrison have learned that if their going to make a beautiful bed, they have got to make all of it by themselves. Harrison Spinks are committed to doing the right thing for a healthy lifestyle and a sustainable future so we can all rest easy at night!
Harrison Spinks vision to be world leaders in luxury, sustainable mattresses is entering the next phase of its development. Before Harrison enter 2021 all their mattresses will be Glue, Foam and FR Chemical Free.
At the heart of each mattress are pocket springs, made without glue and therefore 100% recyclable; with nothing to landfill. This technology is not only supremely comfortable but is available in three derivatives and three firmness choices. Cortec Quad, Cortec Revolution and Cortec Ultra.