Skovby MODO Modular Unit


Skovby MODO Modular Unit

The Skobvy MODO line comprises a number of modules, which you can combine to suit your need and taste.
They can hang on the wall, be fitted with a plinth or placed on legs of wood or steel.
You can also choose to fit the modules with doors of wood or glass, spacious push-to-open drawers, trays, and glass shelves.
Skovby has a number of modules which you can combine to suit your needs and tastes.
Colour Finishes:
* Oak Lacquer
* Oak Soap
* Oak Oil Natural
* Oak Oil White
* Black Wenge
* Walnut Lacquer
* Cherry Lacquer
* Beech Lacquer
* Beach Soap
* White Lacquer
* Other Options Available


Main Picture Shows:
* Modual 732 x 2 + 2 Wooden Sliding Doors 73210 x 2
* Modual 722 x 2 + 2 Framed Glass Sliding Doors 72211 x 2 + 2 Glass Shelves 73218 x 2


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